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The Galloway herd at Kilnstown was founded in 1879.
This article below, giving a detailed history of our herd, was written by my late Grandfather James Waugh and published in The Galloway Journal no.8 1960.

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The Galloway herd of Kilnstown was founded by my great Grandfather's brother, John Noble.
My great Grandfather, Frank Noble, who farmed at the Cross Hill in Bewcastle, bought cattle extensively at that time in the South-West of Scotland, and drove them to England retaining some and taking the remainder to be sold at Brough Hill Fair in Westmorland and Stagshaw Bank Fair in Northumberland.
Old records show that Galloway heifers were sold by him to Kilnstown in that period at £6 and £7 each. So I have no doubt that part of the Galloway herd at Kilnstown originated from Scotland.
My Grandfather, Robert Noble, took over the farm at Kilnstown in 1892, his uncle, John Noble, having died the previous year. He farmed till 1918 at the end of the first World War. 16 cows were kept, all hand milked, and calves pail reared. In fact this was the procedure up till 1945.
In this period, I've not much history, as I was only a nipper. I've heard my Grandfather tell that one year he lost all 16 calves and the mare lost her foal. He said it was a scour and they couldn't cure it. He was abrupt in some of his sayings, to say the least, uncanny. He never liked a beast that was down "ahint", preferred them with a good nostril and a bit white under the udder. He said they were far better milkers. 
 At that time the Galloways here were not pedigreed. He said he liked the pedigree on the back and in the bucket. He never brought anything into the herd but the bull for years. One of his best breeding bulls was Alfred of Thorniehill (9817), bought at Castle Douglas around 1907. He was used fairly frequently amongst the Galloway herds in Bewcastle.
In the year 1918, my father John Waugh, became the owner of the herd (my mother was the daughter of Robert Noble) He had been farming at Bushley Bank in the parish of Lanercost for a few years and kept eight Galloway cows. These were brought to Kilnstown and the best 16 cows out of a total of 24 were kept the remainder sold.
I think my father, more than anyone else, was responsible for bringing the herd to its present standard today. He farmed till 1943. In his 25 years of farming, Galloways were a very poor trade, especially in the hungry 30's when a top-priced calving heifer was £20.
He broke away from tradition in this period and brought several replacements into the herd. Two of his most successful buys were Marina of Cumcrook (38370) as a bulling heifer in 1937 for £25 10/-, thought to be a big price at that time. And the other was a heifer out of Grey Cheek of Askerton (30877) and was registered as Annie of Kilnstown (39388)
The former, although not one of the luckiest, (I remember losing twin calves one year and her bull calf the next) was probably one of the best cows that has been on the farm. She was the Dam of War Cry of Kilnstown (22337) He was used in four Galloway herds and was completely worn out at the finish. He was the sire of Monty of Howard House (23078), a first prize bull at Carlisle who was described by Mr Mitchelson in his article on Lea Hill Galloways in the 1959 journal.
Another son of hers, Iron Duke of Kilnstown (26159) is at the present time being used successfully by Mr Anderson, Brundenlaws, Jeburgh, in his herd of Galloways.
I sold him privately for £130 at home and consider him the best bull sold from here in the last 30 years. My Father gave up active farming in 1943 and died in 1959 at the age of 80. I then took over the farm and in the last 17 years I've seen the price of Galloways go up and up.
At present, I've a herd of 24 breeding cows and became attested in 1947 and so far have had no reactors.
We have never exhibited our stock at the shows, never seemed to have the time or the money! We sell our heifers at RoadHead every Spring ready for service. The average in 1960 for nine was £125, with a top proce of £160, a record price for the centre. Incidentally, this heifer was the offspring of Grey Cheek of Askerton (30877)
Below I quote the prices received at this centre since 1941. These are the top prices at some of the sales;
1941 - £28, 1942 - £40, 1944 - £45, 1946 - £60, 1950 - £81, 1959 - £130, 1960 - £160-£155
quite a substantial rise in 20 years.
Most of these go for crossing with the white Shorthorn Bull which produce the noted Blue Grey, so popular in this district. The bull calves are sold in the Spring and Autumn at Carlisle. The present sire is a home-bred bull, Lawrence of Kilnstown (28263) by Admiral of Gapshields (26724) and is proving a good stockgetter.
I have tried to outline the history of the herd to the best of my ability and hope that it will make interesting reading. In conclusion, I ask anyone interested in Galloways to give us a call at Kilnstown.
  James WaughCows on hill from article
 Following on from my Grandfather's article, we continued to sell our heifers via Roadhead mart until it closed in the early 1970's. Thereafter the heifers were sold at Haltwhistle Mart. Although they were pedigree heifers, they continue to this day to be bought mostly by Blue Grey Breeders to cross with the White Bred Shorthorn bull to produce the noted Blue Grey cow. 
In the 80's this Mart also closed, from then onwards all heifers have been sold mainly through Carlisle Mart.
My Grandfather retired in 1972 and my Father, Frank Waugh, took over the farm from then. The year my Grandfather retired, they sold Banker 2nd of Kinstown (40646) for a Mart record price of 720gns.
The following year my Father, following in my Grandfather's footsteps, sold Chancellor of Kilnstown (41154) for 1700gns making a new Mart record. Sadly my Grandfather passed away this year also.
Up to the mid 1980's our bulls were sold through Carlisle Mart, after then we started selling them through Wallets Mart, Castle Douglas. The sire of these bulls was Peter of Kilnstown. The highest priced bull from Peter of Kilnstown was Trueman of Kilnstown sold for 4500gns.
Another son of his, Sweeney of Kilnstown, was the sire of Trademark of the Reddings, who sold for 22,000 gns, a World Record price for a Galloway.
In the mid 80's we decided to cross the poorer examples of our herd to Romagnolar and since have used Limousin, MRI and White Bred Shorthorn and are now using the Salers  Bull on these. The best 50% are used to breed pure pedigree Galloway's. For over 20 years we have continued to use this strategy of breeding pure from only the very best of our Galloway stock, looking for traits such as; Milkiness, growth, conformation and Breed Character.
A tremendous herd sire, Huntley of Yarrow, bred well over our herd.  Another fabulous sire more recently was John-Jo of Kilnstown. We purchased him as a suckling calf from the dispersal of JCR Buchannan Jardine of the Corrie Herd. His mother was Lady Rosanna 4th of Corrie who was by Umpire of The Reddings (Grandsire of Sweeney of Kilnstown) 
Bulling heifers, from John-Jo of Kilnstown, sold for 1400gns, six averaging 1195gns at last Autumn's sale at Carlisle.
His steers have been sold and shown very well through 2006-2007, winning several Championship classes.
Our current stock bull is Orinocho of Barskeoch and we are looking forward to the arrival of our first calves from him this Spring.
The present Galloway herd extends to around 50 breeding animals. We also have a herd of 40 SalersXGalloway's and 40 LimousinxSalersxGalloway's.
We also have 1000 Swaledale ewes, 200 of these bred pure, the remainder being crossed with the Blue Faced Leicester. From these we sell approximately 650 Mule ewe lambs per year. We also have a small flock of 20 pedigree Blue Faced Leicesters.
The farm extends to 1000 acres, including Park Farm. The land is of heavy clay and all cattle are in-wintered due to high rainfall. Half the farm is in high level stewardship, to encourage wading bird population, the remainder is in entry level.
In the past, steers have been sold to local butchers and through the Cumbria Galloway Group, selling direct to top Restaurants. However now all of our steers are sold through Carlisle Mart.
If you have any queries regarding the Galloway breed then please contact us at Kilnstown via the contact us page of this site, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  
 Please visit our gallery page to see pictures of our herd, both historic and present day.


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